Easy Ideas for Spaghetti Pasta

Pasta has a rich content of fiber, which manages to satisfy your hunger and enable your body to store energy easily.Ratio of pasta’s nutrients and calories is oriented much more to the nutrient side. With only 4 calories per gram, eating spaghetti or other pasta products will not wreak havoc on your beauty line. If you want to eat healthy, without straining your organism with heavy food, pasta is your solution. Spaghetti Italian Cooking Time: 30 minutes Servings: 2 – 3 servings 62990Ingredients: Italian sausage (1/2 Pound) Tomato Sauce Cans (4 – 6.5 ounce each) Diced Tomatoes Can (1 – 14.5 ounce) Bay Leaves (2) Italian Seasoning (1 Teaspoon) Garlic Powder (1/2 Teaspoon) Dried Basil (1 Teaspoon) Dried Oregano (1 Teaspoon) Add Pepper and Salt to taste Spaghetti Pack (1 – 8 ounce) Cooking Instructions: 1. Set a large skillet over medium heat and brown the sausage in it. Once done, set aside after draining. 2. Get a large saucepan on medium heat level. Add Italian sausage, pepper, salt, and garlic powder, and oregano, basil with Italian seasoning, bay leaves, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Stir the mixture well. 3. Let the mixture simmering for at least an hour over medium-low heat. For best taste, let it simmer the whole day. Take lightly salted water and let it reach a boiling point in a large pot. Put in pasta and let it cook for 9 to 10 minutes or until it drains well. Your sauce is ready and so is your hot pasta. Time to serve! Mexican-Style Spaghetti and Meatballs Cooking Time: 30 minutes Servings: 2 to 3 servings 647849Ingredients: Ground Turkey (1 Pound) Chili Powder, Mexican-Style (1 Teaspoon) Salt (1/2 Teaspoon) Ground Black Pepper (1/2 Teaspoon) Parmesan Cheese, Grated (1 Tablespoon) Egg (1) Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon) Evenly Chopped Onion (1/2) Minced and Seeded Jalapeno Pepper (1 Small) Minced and Seeded Anaheim, New Mexico Chile Pepper (1/2) Tostada Shells Crushed in Crumbs (2) Bread Crumbs (1/4 Cup) Spaghetti Pack (1 – 16 ounce) Diced Tomatoes Can (1 – 14.5 ounce) Diced Onion (1/2) Chipotle Chile in Adobo Sauce, Evenly Chopped (1) Spaghetti Sauce Jar (1 – 24 ounce) Taco Seasoning Mix (1 Tablespoon) Cooking Instructions: 1. Place an aluminum foil sheet onto a baking sheet, greasing it lightly with cooking spray and set an oven to 175 Degrees C (350 Degrees F). 2. Take a large mixing bowl. Put in the ground turkey and drizzle it with parmesan cheese, black pepper, salt, guajillo chile and Mexican Chili Power. Put in the egg, Anaheim and jalapeno pepper, finely chopped the onion and add olive oil. 3. Mix it all well with preferably your hands until the blend is even. Time for sprinkling tostada and bread crumbs into the mixture. Stir it again until the crumbs are fully mixed. Make and place 1-inch meatballs onto the baking sheet. 4. Bake until the meatballs are no longer pink from the center, approximately 40 minutes. Turn them half-way to ensure they’re evenly cooked. 5. Take lightly salted water and let it reach a boiling point in a large pot. Put in pasta and let it cook for 9 to 10 minutes or until it drains well. 6. Add taco seasoning, spaghetti sauce, chipotle chile, diced onion and tomatoes and stir them very well in a large saucepan. Let the mixture simmer for about 15 minutes to let the onion get tender. 7. Stir the meatballs into the sauce and let the mixture cook for additional 5 minutes. Spread the sauce and place meatballs on spaghetti, ready to be served.   Spaghetti Carbonara II Cooking Time: 30 minutes Servings: 2 to 3 servings 829643Ingredients: Spaghetti (1 Pound) Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon) Diced Bacon Slices (8) Finely Chopped Onion (1) Minced Garlic Clove ( 1) White Wine, Dry (1/4 Cup) Optional Eggs (4) Parmesan Cheese, Grated (1/2 Cup) Black Pepper and Salt (1 Pinch or to taste) Fresh Parsley, Chopped (2 Tablespoons) Parmesan Cheese, Grated (2 Tablespoons) Cooking Instructions: 1. Take lightly salted water and let it reach a boiling point in a large pot. Put in pasta and let it cook for 9 to 10 minutes or until it drains well. Toss it up with olive oil put aside. 2. Cooked finely chopped bacon in a large skillet until it gets a bit crispy. Use a paper towel to drain. Keep bacon fat, two tablespoons and mix olive oil in the skillet. Until translucent, cook chopped onion over medium heat level. Put in minced garlic and cook for another minute. Wine can be added if needed and cook for another 1 minute. 3. Put the cooked bacon in a pan and add the spaghetti. Toss the mixture well and if it sticks a bit, add some more olive oil. Put in beaten eggs and toss until eggs get set. Immediately add parmesan cheese (1/2 cup) and stir it all well. 4. Add extra parmesan cheese and sprinkle your dish with finely chopped parsley. All set for immediate serving!   Sausage pasta bake Cooking Time: 25 minutes Servings: 2 to 3 servings ee8jvdbe4iq807-jvfz0o5Ingredients: Garlic Cloves (3) Cheddar Cheese, Mature (1/4 cup) Stale Bread (1/4 cup) Dried Oregano (2 Teaspoons) Olive Oil (2 Tablespoons) Sausages, Higher-Welfare (4) Dried Chili Flakes (1 Pinch) Chopped Tomatoes (5 cups) Dried Rigatoni (2/3 cup) Cooking Instructions: 1. Preheated oven set to gas 6/400 F. Put grated cheddar mixed with garlic slices. Crush the stale bread into small pieces or use the food processor for breaking it in chunks. 2. Add sliced garlic clove into a bowl with breadcrumbs, sprinkling oregano and grated cheese along with a pinch of black pepper and salt. Stir with a little oil so that everything meshes together. 3. Put the sausages in a dish (ovenproof). Pour a little oil and let sausages get coated into it. Let them bake for about 10 minutes until cooked completely. 4. Take a frying pan, put some oil in it and set over medium heat. Add oregano and the sliced garlic along with chili flakes. Mix well until garlic gets a color and tip in with tomatoes. 5. In the mixture, add a pinch of pepper and salt and let it get to boiling level. Bring the heat down and let it simmer and occasionally stir for about 10 minutes. 6. Cook rigatoni, follow the instructions on its pack. After adding the meatballs, pour the sauce and toss the mixture well. Take your cheesy crumb mixture and sprinkle it over. Let it all bake for nearly 15 minutes until the color of the top turns golden and is bubbling.   Spring veg pasta Cooking Time: 25 minutes Servings: 2 to 3 servings atc9w9uy4u_bzulpknq7grIngredients: Asparagus (1 Bunch – 12 Ounces) Courgettes (2 – Small) Free-Range Eggs (2 – Large) Creme Fraiche (2.1 Ounces) Parmesan Cheese (1 plus extra for serving) Lemon (1/2) Tagliatelle (2/3 cup) Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon) Pancetta (1/4 cup) Fresh Mint Bunch (1/2) 1 x 0.75 ponds bunch of asparagus Cooking Instructions: 1. Take a large saucepan and fill it with water. Add more than a pinch of sea salt, bringing it to a boil. Use peeler to peel vegetables. Put aside. With eggs in a mixing bowl, add parmesan cheese, crème Fraiche and grate the mixture finely in lemon zest. Add black pepper and a pinch of Salt. Mix it all well. 2. Cook Pasta as per the directions on its packet. Take a large pan and heat up a bit of oil in it. Add chopped pancetta and let it cook until crisp. Keep a cup of pasta water and drain the remaining. Take pancetta and add pasta into it after taking it off the heat. 3. Add mint, egg mixture, veg ribbons and a sprinkle of pasta water. Mix it all well together and if needed, add a bit more of pasta water. Garnish with mint leaves and grated Parmesan. The dish is all set to serve!

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