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Fried rice can be a healthy food choice. It's all in the way it's prepared and what you add to the rice. When you make fried rice at home you have the luxury of choosing healthy ingredients and sauces.  Limiting additional sauces, such as oyster, fish and sweet-and-sour, eliminates additional fat, calories and sodium as well. Adding lots of vegetables as well — and that is where the fun comes in: Garlic Fried Rice *Lemon juice, onions and garlic team up to add excitement to plain white rice. Cooking Time: 34 minutes Servings: 2 to 3 servings dscf6023Ingredients: White Rice Uncooked (1 Cup) Butter (1 Teaspoon) Minced Garlic Clove (1) Minced Small Onion (1) Fresh Lemon Juice (1 Tablespoon) Cooking Instructions: 1. Put rice in a saucepan and combine them with water and let it reach boiling point. Keep it covered and put the heat level to low. Let it simmer until the rice and soft and tender and have absorbed the water. Once done, put it aside to let it cool. 2. Take a skillet and melt butter in it with heat level set to medium-high. Add garlic and onion in it. Stir the mixture and let it cook until its color turns slightly brown and is fragrant. Mix in the boiled rice and stir. Cook the mixture until heated well and coated. Remove the skillet from the heat and pour in some lemon juice. Your home-made garlic fried rice are all set to serve you! Day before Pay Day Fried Rice Cooking Time: 30 minutes Servings: 2 to 3 servings 80458Ingredients: Divided Vegetable Oil (3 Tablespoons) Beaten Eggs (3) Cold and Cooked White Rice (3) Chicken Chopped, Cooked (2 cups) Celery Sliced (1/2 cup) Shredded Carrot (1/2 cup) Thawed, Frozen Green Peas (1 cup) Sliced Green Onions (2) Soy Sauce (3 Tablespoons) Cooking Instructions: 1. Take a large skillet or a wok and set it on a medium-high heat level. Put a tablespoon of oil in and let it heat. Pour the eggs into it and stir the mixture until cooked well and the eggs are firm and scrambled. Once done, remove the wok and set the mixture aside. 2. Turn the heat up to high level beneath the wok and put two tablespoons of the remaining oil. Mix in rice until every grain is oil-coated. Throw in the chicken, green onions, peas, celery, and carrot and stir the mixture well. Bring the heat level down to medium. Cover it and let the steam take over for about 5 minutes. Add eggs you scrambled earlier along with soy sauce and let it all cook until eggs are properly heated.   Kimchi Fried Rice Cooking Time: 25 minutes Servings: 2 - 3 servings kimchi-fried-rice-with-fried-egg2Ingredients: Canola Oil (1 Tablespoon) Ground Beef (1/4 Cup) Sliced Green Onion, Separated Green and White Parts (1) Kimchi, Chopped and Drained (1 Cup) Gochujang (Hot Korean Pepper Paste) (1 Tablespoon or to taste) Short Grain Rice, Cooked (3 Cups) Sesame Oil (1 Teaspoon) Butter (1 Teaspoon) Egg (1) Cooking Instructions: 1. Set heat to level high and let canola oil heat in a large skillet. Add green onion (white parts only) along with ground beef into the skillet. Stir the mixture and bring the heat level down to medium. Let the mixture cook until the onion gets fragrant, and the meat is brown. The process would take approximately 1 to 2 minutes. 2. Add gochujang and kimchi into the meat mixture you’ve prepared earlier. Let it all cooked through until warmed well, and the mixture is fragrant, approx. 2 to 4 minutes. Add rice to cook and mix them until heated and are coated well with gochujang, approximately taking another 3 to 5 minutes. 3. Sprinkle sesame oil on the rice and stir well for rice to get coated. Time to use green parts of the green onion for garnishing. 4. Set a skillet over medium-high heat level and melt one tablespoon of butter in it. Break the egg in the pan and let it cook until yolk is firmly thick and white is entirely set, approximately taking 3 to 4 minutes. Put an egg on the fried rice and your dish is all set to be served!   Glo's Sausage Fried Rice Cooking Time: 30 minutes Servings: 2 to 3 servings pic9g8nsoIngredients: Ground Pork Sausage (1 Pound) Beaten Eggs (5) Vegetable Oil (3 Tablespoons) Cored and Shredded Cabbage (1/2) Finely Chopped Carrots (3) Cold, Cooked White Rice (6 Cups) Soy Sauce (1/4 Cup Or To Taste) Thawed, Green Pease (1 Frozen Package Of 6 Ounce) Drained, Can Bean Sprouts (1 Package of 14.5 Ounce) Finely Chopped Onions (3) Black Pepper as per the taste Cooking Instructions: 1. Cook the sausage in skillet, set over medium-high heat level until it is brown evenly. Put aside the sausage from the pan after draining. Make use of the same pan having remaining grease left over by the sausage, add eggs and stir the mixture frequently until it’s thoroughly cooked. Once done, set the mixture aside. 2. Pour some oil and let it heat in an electric or large skillet with heat level set to medium-high. Slightly fry the carrots and cabbage. Stir until the cabbage appears wilted. Put in the rice and stir the mixture well, making sure that no clumps are there. Add the sausage in and drizzle some soy sauce. Add eggs, peas and bean sprouts. Stir the mixture well enough so that there are no big egg chunks. Do some seasoning with pepper and throw up some green onions and a little stir before removing it from the heat. Add soy sauce if needed. It’s ready to serve!

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