Healthy Ingredients for Baking

If you want to reduce weight and still enjoy sweet items, you can follow low carb ingredients. With the help of low carb baking, you can reduce your weight without increasing your calorie count. It is good for those people who are not able to enjoy traditional baked desserts. Traditional desserts have lots of carbohydrates that are not good for your health. You should avoid processed ingredients and try low carb flour and meals. The low carb diets are beneficial for the treatment of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. There are different types of low carb flours that can be found as a substitute of grain-based flour, such as rice, wheat and spelt. Almond Flour Almond flour aka almond meal contains ground almonds and consistency just like flour. The almonds are low in carb, such as 1 cup of almonds only has 2 grams of carbohydrates, high calcium, and protein. Almond meal is easy to crumble as compared to gluten flour and you can use it to replace grain flour. If you want to use 100 percent almond meal, you need additional eggs to settle it. Flax Meal You can make flax meal with ground flax seeds and it is can be a healthy choice for baking. It can be used as an egg or flour replacement. It is a super food containing “alpha lipoic” acidic content and essential fatty acids. It is good to improve the function of your brain and metabolism. Almost two tablespoons of flax meal contain 3 grams protein and 4 grams carb. Flour Mix (Low Carb) A flour mix is available with low carb content that is available for your convenience. You can get the flour mix from the market, but make sure to select a flour mix with high fiber and protein content. The flour mix may have soy flour, bran, rye flour and a meal of flax seed. Check Net Carbs While selecting any flour for low carb baking, make sure to check net carbs before selecting any flour. Keep it in mind that each fiber can cancel one gram of carbohydrates. For instance, 1 cup of almond meal contains 2 grams of carbs along with 2 grams of fiber. The net carbs in this cup are zero. Fruits and Berries Most fruits are high in carbohydrate contents as compared to vegetables; therefore, you have to be very careful, while selecting fruits. You should restrict your fruit intake to almost 1 to 2 pieces in each day. Some fruits like avocados and olives, along with low-sugar berries, such as strawberries are excellent for you. There are a few good choices for low carb diet: • Only 100 grams avocado offers 8.5 percent carbohydrates. It is loaded with fiber, potassium, and healthy fat. • Olives offer 6 percent carbohydrates and high content of copper, iron and vitamin E. • In 100 grams strawberries, you can get 8 percent carbohydrates because this nutrient-dense food is really delicious to eat. They have vitamins C, antioxidants, and manganese. • Grapefruits are citrus fruits with 11 percent carbohydrates. They are high in carotene antioxidants and vitamin C. • Apricots have 11 percent carbohydrates and it contains plenty of potassium and vitamin C. • Other delicious low-carb fruits are Kiwi, lemons, oranges, raspberries and mulberries. veg-protein-sourceSeeds and Nuts These are really famous for including in low-carb diet and they are high in fiber, protein and fat with various micro nutrients. You can enjoy nuts as snacks and include flax seed and coconut flour meals in your diet. • 22 percent carbohydrates are found in 100 grams almonds. These are loaded with vitamin E, fiber, mineral, and magnesium. These are good to promote weight loss without increasing your calorie count. • Walnuts contain 14 percent carbohydrates and these are rich in omega-3 fatty acid and other nutrients. • Peanuts are legumes and these are prepared to consume as nuts. These are high in fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and vitamins. 100 grams peanuts have 16 percent carbohydrates. • Chia seeds will be a good addition to your diet because these are loaded with 44 percent carbohydrates, high fiber, and dietary fiber. Keep it in your mind that 86 percent carbs in the chia seeds are basically fiber; therefore, digestible carbs are really low. • Moreover, cashews, hazelnuts, coconuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds are also low in carb content. Dairy If you can tolerate dairy, you can get the advantage of full-fat dairy products because these are excellent in low-carbohydrate diet without added sugar: • Cheese is a low-carbohydrate food that can be enjoyed raw, or included in different delicious recipes. It goes well with meat and burger. 100 grams cheese has 1.3 grams carbohydrates. • Heavy cream has 3 percent carbohydrate and a small amount of protein. It is packed with dairy fiber and perfect to enjoy with low-carb desserts. • Almost 100 grams full-fat yogurt is loaded with probiotic bacteria and 5 percent carbohydrates. Greek yogurt has 4 percent carbohydrates and a good amount of protein. Oils and Fatsbutter There are various healthy oils and fats that are acceptable to include in your low-carb diet and other weight loss diets. There are a few healthy choices for your assistance: • Butter has zero carbohydrates and high saturated-fat content. Make sure to use grass-fed butter because it has various essential nutrients. • Olive Oil (extra virgin) has zero carbohydrates; therefore, it has healthy fat and loaded with powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants. It is good for your cardiovascular health. • Coconut oil can be a good addition to your diet because it can reduce your appetite and help you to reduce belly fat. It has zero carbohydrates and good to increase your metabolism. • Lard, avocado oil, and tallow will be a good addition to your diet.

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