How to Make a Successful Road Trip with Kids

1. Plan your trip in advance
2. Pack snacks and drinks for the car ride
3. Bring along a DVD player or tablet with movies/games to keep kids entertained
4. Take breaks every few hours to stretch, get out of the car, and have a snack OR ensure that you have Boxiki Travel's Set of 2 Seatbelt Cover Pillows specifically designed for car rides
5. Make sure you know where all the hotels are located when traveling by car so that you can stop for the night if needed
6. Talk about what will happen on arrival at your destination and let them know how long it will take until they arrive once again (i.e., "in one hour we'll be there" or "we're almost halfway there")
7) Keep kids occupied during travel time by using apps like I Spy games or coloring books
8) Give children some control over their journey - allow them to pick out songs from an iPod playlist, choose which route to take, etc...

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