Simple Ways To Healthy Eating

Remember that healthy food begins on yourself, at your home.  Most of us don’t realize what constitutes a healthy eating and what we need on a daily basis. Here’s what I refer to as The Daily Basic 10. The first three on the list are considered macronutrients being a significant portion of our diet. Then we have micronutrients, and although they have a minimal presence in the body, they are essential. Without them, our daily biological processes will lack proper function. 1) Proteins – building blocks, essential for growth and repair of tissue 2) Carbohydrates – the body’s source of fuel and energy 3) Fats – supports, protects, lubricates and insulates the body, vital for brain food 4) Fiber – a must for moving our diet and waste through the intestines 5) Vitamins – for normal cell function, growth, development 6) Minerals – essential for bones and all human bodily functions 7) Enzymes – providing catalytic action aiding digestion 8) Antioxidants – protection for our cells from free radical damage 9) Probiotics – providing good intestinal floral to keep metabolism in check 10) Water – essential for cleansing inside and out images-4Remember to make the appropriate effort to learn more about techniques which you can employ so that you and your family can have a much healthier lifestyle. You have to drop some calories you eat every day by just diverting to low fat milk. Instead of drinking soda, drink water instead. Remember to choose low fat foods. You have to put always in mind to eat more on fruit and vegetables. If you are to prepare vegetables for your meal, it is better to steam them rather than boiling to preserve their nutrients. It is also a part of the healthy cooking guide to using fresh or frozen vegetables of fruits instead of canned ones simply because canned goods are high in sodium component. It is better to practice also just to wash fruits instead of peeling them; many nutrients are found close or on the skin. It is also better to use of whole grain rather than ground or refined products. Whole cornmeal or wheat flour and rice are so far better than eating the clean ones naturally because the process of refining can decrease the number of food nutrients during the refining process. Keep the fats in taking at low level You can do this by buying lean meat cuts; choosing skinless chicken breast. To make it sure of taking low fat, you can eat more of fish because this is high in protein. Remember this healthy cooking information- low fats and substances with omega three fatty acids for a healthier body. When cooking, you can have a better option of using non-stick cookware to lessen the need for cooking oil. Remember to avoid using oil and or butter as lubricants. You can use spray oil as an alternative instead. images-1Remember same food, better nutrition. Here are some advice on how to get high amount of: Lycopene from tomatoes To get more lycopene from tomatoes, eat them cooked. To get even more, eat them cooked with some olive oil (lycopene being fat-soluble, it needs a little oil to enter your bloodstream). For a quick fix, always keep tomato paste and tomato sauce in your pantry. Research has shown that both are excellent sources of bioavailable lycopene. Vitamin C and folate from vegetables and salad greens Did you know that a large yellow or red bell pepper packs over 300 mg of Vitamin C? That is three times the amount provided by an orange (and yet it’s the citrus fruits that get all the credit). To get maximum Vitamin C and folate (a water-soluble B vitamin, aka “folic acid”), you should eat your veggies raw, because cooking degrades them. And yet, cooking makes other healthy nutrients (such as beta-carotene and lycopene) more available. So the best strategy is to eat veggies and salad greens both cooked and raw. The cooking methods kindest to folate and Vitamin C are steaming and sautéing for a few minutes over medium heat. Iron and folate from spinach If you are vegan, you don’t have a whole lot of options for your recommended daily iron intake. Consider adding spinach to your orange juice! Blending some spinach with orange juice doesn’t alter your OJ's taste very much but helps you get more iron from the spinach thanks to the OJ’s vitamin C. Limonene from citrus fruits OK, we all drink orange juice and, hopefully, squeeze some lemon on our fish. But limonene is so healthy and necessary for disease prevention, that we should use every opportunity to get more of it! Here are a few tricks to maximize the limonene you’re getting: •Try to press your orange juice – it contains more limonene than the store-bought juice. •When buying ready-made orange juice, opt for the ones with pulp and in glass bottles (it appears that the wax lining of cartons absorbs limonene). •Buy organic oranges and lemons, whenever possible, so you can cook them unpeeled or zest them without fearing pesticide residues. Cooking ideas: add thin lemon rounds to your gratins, casseroles, baked fish, and mushroom dishes. •Do not discard the peel of oranges and lemons – the colorful zest is choke-full of limonene! (An American study found that people who used zest in cooking reduced their risk of squamous cell carcinoma by 50%). So, every time you use a citrus fruit, take a minute to test it. You can store the zest in the freezer and use it later in practically everything: salads, baked fish and chicken, cakes, cookies, quiches, tea, and so on. Saponin from eggplants According to recent studies, the bitter-flavored phytochemicals called saponins have fascinating immune-stimulating and cholesterol-lowering properties. Eggplants (along with tomatoes, potatoes, ginseng and spinach) are a good source of saponins. The trouble with eggplants is that they soak up a lot of oil and taste too bitter – at least, to many people. So, chefs and lay cooks salt eggplants before cooking them to mitigate these two “issues”… The trouble with salting is that it also neutralizes the healthy saponins! How about these alternative strategies: - accept the eggplants’ overconsumption of oil as a fact of life - Develop an acquired taste for their natural flavor. If you can handle mustard and radish, the eggplant’s bitterness should be a piece of cake! Probiotics from yogurt The “Live and active cultures” seal certifies that the yogurt contains sufficient quantities of Lactobacillus organisms. Some yogurts contain other beneficial live cultures, such as Bifidobacteria.

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