What are the health benefits of gratitude?

In today's busy world, we often take the little things for granted and don't appreciate what it takes to make our lives easier. It can be hard to find time in your day to think about all that you're grateful for. But research has shown that an attitude of gratitude is not only good for mental health, but also physical health too. We are going to cover some of the top benefits below! Let's get started with how gratitude helps with overall well-being.

1. Gratitude can help to reduce stress and anxiety
2. It can improve your sleep quality
3. It could increase your resilience to life challenges
4. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis might make you happier
5. Gratitude has been shown to improve relationships with others, including romantic partners
6. Studies show that practicing gratitude increases self-esteem and reduces feelings of jealousy or envy

Research shows that an attitude of gratitude is not only good for mental and physical health, but also increases feelings of self-worth. Whether you're feeling grateful because the power just came back on or your partner made a delicious dinner last night, take some time to list three things in your life you are thankful for. Give yourself permission to be happy today! What are three things you feel grateful about?

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