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Silicone Food Storage Bags (Pack of 4) - 2 Medium + 2 Large
Silicone Food Storage Bags (Pack of 4) - 2 Medium + 2 Large
Silicone Food Storage Bags (Pack of 4) - 2 Medium + 2 Large
Silicone Food Storage Bags (Pack of 4) - 2 Medium + 2 Large
Silicone Food Storage Bags (Pack of 4) - 2 Medium + 2 Large
Silicone Food Storage Bags (Pack of 4) - 2 Medium + 2 Large

Silicone Food Storage Bags (Pack of 4) - 2 Medium + 2 Large

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  • REUSABLE FOOD STORAGE: Save money and reduce waste with these long lasting reusable food storage bags. Our bags are constructed from sturdy silicone materials that are easily cleaned and can be used over and over again.
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE: More than just a simple storage bag, the food grade silicone construction is great for marinating your favorite meats and vegetables as well as delectable sous-vide slow cooking.
  • FOUR BAGS INCLUDED: Your purchase includes a complete set of four food grade silicone food storage bags  in 1000 ml size and 1500 ml size.
  • FDA APPROVED: Boxiki Kitchen’s silicone storage bags are certified safe by the Food and Drug Administration to be non-toxic as well as BPA and plastic free.
  • MICROWAVE, DISHWASHER & FREEZER SAFE: Built to withstand extreme temperatures, our reusable containers are perfect for storing solids and liquids at sub-zero temperatures and are also completely safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher as well.

The Perfect Reusable Food Storage Solution

Stop wasting money on disposable zipper sandwich bags that wear out after a single use and immediately end up in the local landfill. Boxiki Kitchen’s reusable food storage containers are engineered strong to last a lifetime and are completely washable and safe to use again and again. Whether you’re looking to store lunch meat, seafood, frozen meals, frozen vegetables, healthy snacks, toddler snacks, organic snacks, or anything else, these silicone food savers make an ideal storage container for everything under the sun.


  • Reusable food storage containers
  • Four zipper bags are included
  • Food grade silicone is completely taste and odor free
  • Ideal solution for seasoning and marinating
  • FDA approved, BPA and plastic free
  • Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe

Ideal for Marinating and Seasoning

Whether you are looking for a container for a barbecue marinade or tender chicken seasoning, our air tight containers make the perfect meal prep bags to get the job done. Made from food grade silicone, these bags are entirely taste and odor free and will not leak at all so you can be sure that all of the delicious flavor stays locked inside.

Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe

Tested and guaranteed to withstand freezing temperatures as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 degrees Celsius) and boiling hot temperatures all the way up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (250 degrees Celsius), Boxiki Kitchen’s reusable storage bags are completely safe to use for freezer storage, heating in the microwave, and cleaning in the dishwasher. Additionally, these nearly indestructible bags make a perfect container for sous-vide slow cooking to make the most savory and delectable dishes you’ve ever experienced.

FDA Certified Food Grade Silicone

Approved for safety by the Food and Drug Administration, our reusable bags are BPA-Free and made only from pure silicone materials with no plastic or unsafe additives at all.


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