Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to questions we get asked the most.



1. What is the warranty for Boxiki Products?
We have a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase for all boxiki products.
2. What's your return policy?
You may refer to our return policy page.
3. Where are the products made?
We manufacture our products in China.
4. Where is Boxiki based?
We are a Canadian-based company.
5. How do I contact customer support?
Contact us in our email,


1. What meterials used for Kitchen products?
Carbon Steel and Silicone.
2. What maximum temperature for the Baking pans?
The maximum temperature is 420°F (220°C).
3. Are the pans safe to use?
Yes, all our Boxiki Kitchen products are BPA-Free, PFOA-free, and FDA approved.
4. Can I detach the silicone form the steel?
No, you can't. They are attached except for the Silicone muffin cups.
5. Do the pans rust?
No, they won't. Especially with proper handling and usage.
6. Do I need parchment paper or spray oil in the pan before using it?
Pachment paper or spray oil is not necessary to use the pan. The pan is already non-stick and silicone. But if you wish to use spray, you can still use it.


1. What are the toys made of?
They are made of plastic.
2. Are they electronic?
Yes, they are battery powered.
3. Can you use headphones with these?
No, there is no headphone jack.
4. Are the Learning Tablets a real tablet?
No, they are not real tablets and you cannot download songs or any apps in it. The toys only resembles tablets to reduce the kids screentime.
5. What batteries are needed?
We have a variety of products, please check the product information for the batteries or send us a message to know the required batteries for a specific product.
6. Is this safe for kids?
All our kids toys are 100% BPA free, phthalate free, and asthma friendly.
7. Is this touchscreen?
No, the learning toys have buttons.


1. What are the card sleeves made of?
They are made of thick paper like material and lined with a special foil inside.
2. How many cards can 1 card sleeve hold?
We only recommend to insert only 1 card in each RFID Blocking card sleeve.
3. Can I put the card protectors in my wallet?
Yes. You can insert one card in the sleeve and then insert your card sleeve in your wallets card slot. They are snug and will fit regular sized wallet card slots.
4. Can men wear the RFID Blocking Money belts?
Yes! The money belts are actually unisex.


1. Can you reuse the Vacuum Bags?
Yes, of course.
2. What are they made of? Plastic or cloth?
Made of plastic as you are to vacuum the air inside to keep it flat.
3. Are the pumps electronic?
No, they are manual vacuum pumps.


1. Can kids use this the puzzle?
With parental (guardian) guidance only. The puzzle pieces are choking hazard for kids.
2. Can I have the puzzle instruction/solutions?
Please send us a message for the instructions/solutions.
3. What are they made of?
They are made of wood.


1. Can kids wear this?
This might be too loose for kids, we recommend it be worn by teenagers or older.
2. Do you customize the bands?
Sorry, we do not accept customization of the wristbands.