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Boxiki Solutions specialize in household, kitchen, travel and health products. We are a Canadian based company that has steadily grown with its dedication and perseverance to customer satisfaction. We are entirely dedicated to giving you, the customers, and the best products we have to offer. It is of great importance to us at Boxiki that our customers are well looked after and cared for. Our qualified customer service representatives listens to your demands, and answer to your every need. They efficiently respond to customer inquiries and complaints, to instantly find a solution where you the customer walk away happy. We were founded late in 2015, where an idea became a reality. With our aim firmly based around making individuals’ lives easier. We have come a long way from the start-up company that was, in 2015, to now being a growing, stable company with lots of great customers all around the United States. Although we have come a long way since 2015, we have no intentions to stop here, and will be looking to gradually improve our stores and our products in the coming future. We uphold the satisfaction of our customers with the most importance. Our job as a company is to deliver great customer service and keep our customers happy. We offer our quality and durable products at great prices ensuring customer satisfaction. We are an honest, hardworking company with every intention to grow and become one of the leading companies in kitchenware, household products, travel products and health care products. We offer 4 lines of great modern day products that are essential for many everyday need.


Boxiki Kitchen offers bakeware and kitchen items that make cooking easier. Without the proper cooking equipment, cooking can be made rather difficult. With our easy to use sturdy products, your cooking experience can be made a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. We have a big focus on safety and durability when it comes to our kitchenware, and that is installed with all our products.   baner-kitchen [maxbutton id="20"]


Boxiki Care offers comfort to all individuals. Whether it be in your car, in your home or at work. We are working hard to offer products that suit your needs when it comes to comfort. With the support of our great products, you can create an incredibly peaceful and relaxing environment that is enjoyable to live in, and stress free. baner-home2
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Boxiki Travel offers travel items to make life easier, and your travel safe and comfortable. With our customer’s safety and comfort of top priority, we offer the ultimate security and theft protection accessories, amongst a wide range and ever growing list of travel accessories. We offer the travelling essentials, so that you can get all of your travelling needs in one place. travel
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Boxiki Kids offers products for all kids, and toddlers. We offer great products that are all good for the well-being of a child. Our products are of great use for your children to help them in different levels of growth. baner-kids
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Visit our online store and Amazon store and save yourself the trouble of leaving your home. We offer all the support and products you need. We are looking forward to providing great service to our current customers, whilst adding to the number of customers we have. As we look to grow and get better as a company, it is important to remember the customers are the number one priority, and that is our aim. If you wish to contact us regarding any inquiries about products or other questions, you can contact us via the information below. Boxiki Solutions Inc, Or send us some mail: 228 Braemar Rd E North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7N 1R1